Tag Kis Lub Hnub Tawm

“Tag Kis Lub Hnub Tawm,” in Hmong translates “Tomorrow The Sun Comes Out.” In significance, another day to live and see.

This is a personal project dedicated to my parents. It is a photographic journey that explores their endeavors of gardening and farming; representing the extremely hard work and dedication to “make a living.” In many asian cultures; particularly those from third world countries often known gardening as a daily activity because it was a way to work in a given circumstance, where an economy and/or opportunities do not simply exist. At young ages, children from Thailand and Laos are taught to plant and maintain crops miles away from their homes; they often spend nights there to watch over fields, not allowed to come back home until their job was finished. 

“We did not just sit around; we had to do our own gardening and make a living.” — MOM

In reflection of such a technological world, there are very hard working people out there on fields of crops to provide an abundance of food across the planet at your table. This is work that many people do not understand, and often forget because the exposure of groceries are there at your local store, but asking where it derived from; is a better way of thanking those people who made these groceries possible.  

Through my eyes and the lenses that captures each moment, I love and thank my hard-working parents; that still do this work as this is the only thing that has carried on from their past as a child. No, they don’t have too, but they choose too because it is their peace and way to “make a living...” 

“Gardening and farming is not just hard work, it’s a way of life.”