Chamenou Mikey Chang is a Hmong Artist, who explores the world of imagery using narration, speculation and culture. His complex and dense world building opens unique perspective and themes that underline human relationships with the world. The core purpose of his work is to challenge viewers to understand their impact on other people and their environment. His artwork also serves as an outlook, as a story-driven mission, that showcases documentation of refugees and immigration lives in the present. As photos are just one moment that exert a meaning of a lifetime, Chang is an evolving artist that creates many kinds of work that there is to explore in fictional and non-fictional worlds!


Chamenou Mikey Chang was born in Lansing, Michigan and moved to Milwaukee at a young age. Half of his family, that of the two oldest out of seven members were from Laos. En route of escaping from the Vietnam War, his family fled from the chaos to Thailand, and was fortunate to land in America. At most, Hmong people were refugees that fled from war; looking for a way of life. 


Learning more about trauma and the adversities of his parents, and family relatives. Chang’s motives in pursuing to be an artist meant more than creating art out of pure visuals; but instead, it was an important mission to fulfill for the Hmong people. Creating cinematic and photographic archives that explore the endeavors of survival and presence. His mission through using forms of documentation and science explorations is all used to discuss the fundamental principles of migration. How leaving one’s home looks like in the past, present and future. 


Photographs have always been a driving force for Chang. He believes that being an artist is important because it is work that preserves memory and proof of existence.