In a rapidly evolving world, the evidence of life existing can be found through fossils, transitioning into old photographs, and now into digital screens. Without proof of our existence, there may not be a way to trace information, but only to things invisible to the human eye.

When delving into this idea of archives, I wanted Posterity to explore the world of dust and light. Specifically, a world in which all forms of archives or history now exist as a form of “matter.” Through pixelation and audio, Posterity opens a dimensional experience in which subject matter now exists in an infinite stream of memory. It acts as a deconstruction and reform of archives that were once hand-held objects. Like the stars that filter the night sky, Posterity is the future of human existence and the effortlessly floating information that has now taken part in the invisible and physical debris of space. Information and important details may be presented as particles; taking the form of all shape and noises.  

Epilepsy WarninG

Down below will include audio. Wear headphones and alter the quality for the best experience possible.