When life ceased to no longer exist physically, archives were there to help remember what was lost. Information that entailed existence, presence, and a story. Within an old relic, a sense of smell and material brought an object full of history. Within an old photograph, light and shadow aided the preservation of a person, place and time. In a rapidly evolving world, today, life ascends through a digital archive and all information is stored through the minds of machines and screens. 

Posterity explores the world of dust and light. Specifically, a world in which all forms of archives now exist as a form of “matter.” Through pixelation and audio, Posterity opens a dimensional experience in which subject matter now exists in an infinite stream of memory. It acts as a deconstruction and reform of archives that were once hand-held objects. Like stars that filter the night sky, Posterity is the future of human existence and the effortlessly floating information that has now taken part in the invisible and physical debris of space. Information and important details may be presented as particles; taking the form of all shape and noises.  

Epilepsy Warning

What lies below were once old photographic family archives; that have now started the process of turning into particles and deconstructed information. It will transcend into pieces and evidence that will now exist as a part of space and time as shown above.

Down below will include audio and animated parts. Wear headphones and alter the quality for the best experience possible.